Warrior Trading Review

Warrior Trading is a day trading community run by Ross Cameron. Originally founded as a blog to chronicle Ross's experiences as he learned to day trade, the site evolved to a hub where over 2000 day traders meet every day. Warrior Trading runs the largest day trading chat room on Wall Street and is one of the few chat rooms that does not engage in the trading of penny stocks or OTC stocks. What you will find is that Ross is a full-time trader, and a full-time teacher. He is one of the hardest working individuals in the space of investing and investors education. As a result of his hard work, Warrior Trading thrives and grows month over month and has new traders enter the market and seasoned traders tell their friends about the Warrior Trading Community.

About Warrior Trading

The Warrior Trading Day Trading Chat Room is Warrior Trading's most popular product. The chat room membership is offered as Monthly, Quarterly or Annual subscriptions. Prices start at $149/mo and top out at $899 for the year.

In 2014 Ross taught their first Day Trading Course. This class was a 12 chapter series that covered the basics of trading as well as detailed entry and exit indicators for the strategies Ross was actively trading during that time. Many of the original students from the first day trade course are still part of the Warrior Trading community. Through 2014 and 2015 Ross taught back to back day trading courses for 12 straight months. Each class was 3 weeks in length, followed by a 1 week swing trading course. In the final live course session, all the classes were recorded and archived on the website so students could replay videos and those unable to attend live classes could benefit from the training.

Amazon Book: How to Day Trade

During the fall of 2015 Ross took a break from teaching live classes and focused on writing a book, How to Day Trade: A Beginners Guide to Day Trading Strategies, Psychology, and Risk Management. This book has been a top seller in the investing genre on Kindle and on Amazon. (Click here to check out Ross's Book). The book pairs nicely with the Day Trading Course as it's a summary of the fundamental concepts discussed in the classes. Upon completing his book, Ross began an overhaul of the Day Trading Course. He added embedded videos of live day trading. Since the classes are taught after-hours students previously didn't have the benefit of being able to watch Ross trade in real-time. By recording his broker window during the trading day, Ross was able to archive months of real-time trading that he narrates during the courses. Additionally, Ross uploads new trades on a weekly basis. This allows students to see the exact order entry process Ross uses to trade the markets.

Paper Trading with Warrior Trading

Ross has always been a big advocate of paper trading. This means trading in a simulated trading account to practice your strategies before trading with real money. In order to encourage students to trade in a simulator, Warrior Trading partnered with Fantasy Stock Traders to bring Warrior Students the best simulated trading platform available on the market. The Fantasy Stock Traders platform features real-time level 2, charting, hot keys, and trade reporting features. Additionally students are able to use a leaderboard to track the progress of their fellow trading course members. Students can even double click on one of their friends to see exactly what that person traded today! The value of providing this type of simulator is that students can feel excited about practicing because it almost exactly reflects the experience of a live trading account. Instead of the frustration of profits/losses, students have the competition to be the best trader of the month giving them some added pressure. At the end of each month Warrior Trading offers prizes to students who performed best in the simulator. This fun competition/giveaway helps make the learning experience that much more enjoyable.

Verified Results from Warrior Trading

In 2016 Ross also took part in 2 trading challenges. Some traders questioned whether Ross was just an educator, or if he was also a talented trader. In March Ross funded a $1000 trading account with Suretrader to see how much he could make in 1 month of day trading just 2hrs/day. At the end of the month the account had reached a verified $8653, for a 750%+ gain. Ross published a blog post including broker statements and reports that revealed his accuracy, profit loss ratio, and other critical trading metrics. This challenged served its purpose of proving that Ross is a very talented trader, and that the strategies he teaches actually work.

Following the Suretrader challenge, Ross took his $50k Speedtrader account in June to see how quickly he could grow that account if he made the contentious decision to be aggressive. At the end of May, momentum was picking up in the markets and Ross decided it was a good time for the next challenge. During the month of June Ross was able to generate over $34k in gains. Again, he was trading only 2hrs/day and focused on trading the gappers, and the momentum stocks. You can see this fully verified challenge that includes broker statements and analytical reports.

Final Thoughts on Warrior Trading

While Ross was actively engaged in the Speedtrader challenge during the month of June, he was also teaching live day trading classes every afternoon. Those classes were the culmination of months of redevelopment and were a huge improvement over the last live classes. Although the original day trading course was great, the 2015 class has been called the best day trading course in the world by several industry leaders and trading professionals.

If you are interested in joining Warrior Trading I recommend starting with a $149 Monthly Chat Room Subscription, then joining their free Webinar as you consider joining the day trading courses.